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Do I need any special drivers to run the Half-QWERTY Keyboard on a PC or Mac?

No. The keyboard is plug-compatible with a standard keyboard. It doesn't need any special drivers.

For the Mac, we include an Enabler software programme, which allows the keyboard to correctly map the Option and Command keys for the Mac, but the keyboard will still work without it.

Will the keyboard work with a non-US PC/Mac (French/Spanish/etc.)?

Yes. Non-US keyboards are a little different. They have an extra key in
the lower left corner (right next to the Shift key). While the Half-QWERTY Keyboard doesn't have this extra key (it's a US layout), it
will let you do this key by typing double-Shift-Z.

The keyboard can also remap to whatever layout is standard in
your country, by simply choosing the desired layout from
the appropriate control panel on your computer.

Can I (or should I) plug the keyboard into both the PS/2 and USB ports at the same time?

No. You should only plug the keyboard into only one port. Choose either USB or PS/2, but not both. Note that for the USB hub on the keyboard to work, the keyboard has to be plugged into a USB port on your computer. If you wish to use this feature, plug it in via USB (not PS/2).

Please feel free to address any other support questions to support@half-qwerty.com



Download User Manual
(.PDF format - Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

USB Enabler Software
(Macintosh only)

This optional enabler switches the positions of the Control and Command keys.

With the Enabler active, the Ctrl/Command key will act as a Command key.

Without the Enabler, Ctrl/Command will act as a Control key.

Download OS 9 Version
To activate the Enabler, simply copy it to the Startup Items folder within your System Folder, and restart your Mac.

Download OS X Version
To activate the Enabler, simply run the (.pkg) installer application. Please note that this is pre-release a beta version of the Enabler. The final release will be available soon.